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 Hollow Records *Read Notice*

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D'Kog Reapnak


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PostSubject: Hollow Records *Read Notice*   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:37 am

Info on the darker halves of the Vizards.

NOTICE: This does not have to be filled out. If you want it to be a mystery to you and everyone, dont fill it out. If you devised a huge, complicated plot with your hollow, feel free to fill this out.

Hollow Name: Name of it?
Hollow Appearance: Whats it look like?
Hollow Rank: Do you know what its 'rank' was? Gillian, Adjuchas, maybe even an Arrancar?
Special Abilities of Hollow: Can it do anything special? (i.e., high speed regeneration)
History of Hollow: Do you know its history? How it became a hollow? How did it make it up to Adjuchas? (Not mandatory)
How it came to be part of you: The history isnt mandatory, but this is, if you take the time to fill this out. Easy, how did you and it become one?

Have fun...
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Hollow Records *Read Notice*
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