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 Wulfgar Gabrille Wolffang

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PostSubject: Wulfgar Gabrille Wolffang   Wulfgar Gabrille Wolffang EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 8:24 am

Character Information:
Name: Wulfgar Grabrille Wolffang
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: 8th Division Captain
Personality: calm, lazy sometimes, supportive, soft-hearted, happy-go-lucky
Appearance [pictures are optional]: has dark blue hair, and violet eyes.
What you were doing before you entered SS [brief story required]: He was married before he died, the woman that he fell in love with died at the same time he did, although he had entered the soul society without her knowing it. They had children, and to this day they're still alive.
What you have been doing while in SS [brief story required]: He wondered around looking for Roukostu, though he slowly started to forget, he then figured that he would enter into the soul society to see if he could join one of the 13 Court Guard Squads, and entered the 1 Division after his first try.
What you have been doing ever since [brief story required]: He is a recruit in the 1st Division, but he tries his hardest to be friends with everyone, though he is pledge by memories of his past.

Zanpakto Information: This is so you can get a headstart on this information once you join the division of yoru choice.
Sealed Form: short blades - long katana
Element: Life
Spiritual Pressure Color: Blue
Spirit Name: Ookami tōboe (Howling Wolf)
Spirit Appearance:
Shikai: Bear your fangs, Iyashi ookami -
a wolf appears and heals whoever wounds Wulfgar orders it to heal.

Howl out your rampage, Ōkami-ō no arashi - creates a gust of winds and blows everything away.

"Wild and hungary i'll prey on the strong, just to feed my own power....i want to grow stronger, and with that...i will kill those who stand in my way."

Wulfgar Gabrille Wolffang Dfep1c
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Wulfgar Gabrille Wolffang
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