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 Character: Kamui

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Kamui Zero

Kamui Zero

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PostSubject: Character: Kamui   Character: Kamui EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 12:34 pm

Character: Kamui Kamui02xe2
Character Information:

Name: Kamui
Division: academy student
Appearance: Avatar and see above
Personality: Determined to alter Destiny
Bio: Knows nothing of his Life, only knows his life as a soul reaper, the only thing from his past he knows is his destiny to do something of great significance in the world, his sword, the Shinken is a strange Zanpakto without Shikai and seeming without a sealed form, only sealed power and unsealed power.

Zanpakto Information: This is so you can get a headstart on this information once you join the division of yoru choice.
Sealed Form: Shinken (Sealed)
Element: Divine
Spiritual Pressure Color: white
Spirit Name: Hokuto Shinken
Spirit Appearance: a masked man with a black and a white wing physically simular to kamui
Shikai: (none)
Bankai: Shinken (unsealed)

Character: Kamui Shinken-2

Character: Kamui Shinken-6

Images of Shinken
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Character: Kamui
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