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 Shinigami Template

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Squad 2

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PostSubject: Shinigami Template   Shinigami Template EmptySun May 09, 2010 6:19 am

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Name: {name upon death}
Age: {current age nothing exceeding 2000}

Previous Division: {The division you were once in}
Rank Achieved: {if you reached captain and or vice captain level, you must have a history compatible with BD history. Events, captains at that time etc etc.}

Residence: {Where does your character currently reside?}
Appearance: {A detailed explanation or a picture}


Story: {Character history human life, plus life, shinigami life, current life etc etc.}

RP Sample: (We prefer quality over quantity.)

Shinigami Template Lavi_siggie_by_sora_narumi
Interests: Giving nicknames to people
Ōzuchi Kozuchi (大槌小槌)
Credit ~ sora-narumi
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Shinigami Template
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