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 Inside the Hide-Out

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D'Kog Reapnak

D'Kog Reapnak

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Inside the Hide-Out Empty
PostSubject: Inside the Hide-Out   Inside the Hide-Out EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 8:46 am

Once you enter the HIde-Out, you enter into a nice lobby.


If your new, be sure to talk to D'Kog at the front desk. Been here awhile? Feel free to lounge about and hang.

To the right is a lounge just for huys, for things such as the rare, but not unheard of, Bachelor parties. Also, if you just wanna hang with the boys, no girls allowed, this is the place to do it.


Ladies, dont worry. You get a nice little lounge, too. Feel free to do whatever in here. No guys will interrupt you in here, unless we have one of our occasional Boys V. Girls tournaments. But, if that is going on, and a guy comes in, alert me about it.


On the second floor is the meetingroom, really only there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But sometimes, rarely, it is used for meetings.


Interested in joining? Well, let a hollow get a hold of you, come down here, and get your own room in the VHO!


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Inside the Hide-Out
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