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 Zanpakuto Database

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D'Kog Reapnak


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PostSubject: Zanpakuto Database   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:31 am

Please tell us about your Zanpakuto.

Name: Name of your zanpakuto
Sealed Appearance: What does it look like?
Spirit Appearnce: Describe your zanpakuto spirit, or post a picture.

Shikai: Name of your shikai?
Type of weapon: Does it stay a sword, or become something else?
Shikai Appearnce: What does it look like?
Special Abilities/Spells: anything?

Bankai: Name of your bankai?
Weapon/Effect: Does it stay a weapon, become armor, give you a power boost?
Appearance: Whatever it is, what does it look like?
Special Abilities/Spells: Anything?

Ranking Pribileges will be posted so that you know what you can and cannot do. I dont care if you were the most powerful captain in Seireitei with the best bankai, if you become a Vizard, and you only get to do Shikai, you only get to do shikai.
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Zanpakuto Database
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