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 Vizard Registration

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D'Kog Reapnak


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PostSubject: Vizard Registration   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:25 am

Write in info here to hopefully join the ranks of the Vizards.

Name: Easy, whats your name?
Old Division: What division were you in?
Old Rank: Your rank in that?
Cause of death: Howd you die?
Reasons for Hollowification: If you came from Seireitei, how were you hollowfied?
Born a Vizard: Yes or no. Are you one of the few born like this?

Appearance: What do you look like?
Personality: Whats up with you?
Short Biography: Tell us your history.
Any Quirks: Just any extra info that doesnt fit anywhere above.

Good Luck!
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Vizard Registration
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