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 Sara's Zanpakto

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Squad 3
Squad 3

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Sara's Zanpakto Empty
PostSubject: Sara's Zanpakto   Sara's Zanpakto EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 11:32 am

Zanpaktou Name: Temptress
Zanpakuto Element (max 2): Water / Wind
Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: A blue hilted zanpakto with a blue ribbon that flows off the end of its hilt.
Zanpakuto Spirit Description: Temptress is a young woman, appearing almost the same age as Sara. She has long blue hair that goes to her ankles that she keeps pulled up with a similar blue ribbon. She is seen wearing a light blue robe and light blue boots.
Reiatsu Colour: Light blue

Release Command: Love him, Temptress
Released Zanpakuto Appearance: Her zanpakto changes into a large chakram that Sara uses by having the ribbon around her arm. She can then swing the chakram increasing the power behind it. The chakram has the ability to split into two small daggers that she holds with the blade pointing the opposite way.

Shikai passive abilities:

Name: Water trap
Effects of Ability: Traps the enemy in a ball of water that can compress or drown the enemy inside.
Disadvantages: Electricity

Shikai active abilities:

Effects of Ability:

BANKAI (you may fill up when you're 3rd seat and above):
Bankai Release Phrase:
Bankai Appearance: The zanpakto turns into a blue ribbon. It then wraps around her hand. She gains a large circular like object on her back. This ring has the ability to mirror attacks and send them back at the enemy. She can take the ring and shrink its size, turning it into a chakram made of water.

Bankai Active Abilities:

Effects of Ability:

Bankai Passive Abilities:

Effects of Ability:

She is still training in use of her zanpakto.
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Sara's Zanpakto
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